Plants in Danger

On June 4th 2020, Florent Lavergne published a unique infographic about extinct plant species using data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) -If you wish to take a look at his work, you can find his piece here-. «Just like animals, plants are going through an important biodiversity crisis. Many species from isolated areas are facing extinction due to human activities», he said.

In total, 500 plant species are considered extinct as of 2020. 19.6% of those were endemic to Madagascar, 12.8% to Hawaiian islands. According to IUCN data most of the extinct species were in Africa»Major threats to biodiversity, especially in areas of exceptional plant diversity, primarily in the tropics, are often linked to industrial-scale activities such as timber exploitation or large plantations, mining, and agriculture» points out a research article in Science in 2019.

Taking all this into account, I’ve created a data visualization using IUCN data with the aim to support the divulgation about extinction of species on Earth.

To produce this visualization I used (as always) R and some of its most featured packages: ggplot2, tidyverse and cowplot. I also drew my plants on paper and digitalised them using Illustrator. The code is on my GitHub:

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